About TD Šempeter

Tourist Association Šempeter v Savinjski dolini

The Association was founded in 1961 by the Šempeter townspeople in order to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of their town.

Taking care of treasures

When the excavations in Šempeter (1952) revealed the ancient tombstones, being considered the most valuable remains from the Roman era in Slovenia, the members of the Tourist Association took responsibility to manage this important monument. Knowing that the Roman Necropolis is important for the development of tourism in our region, we take care of it since 1961. In 1972, we took charge of managing another attraction in Šempeter, the Pekel Cave. Our qualified guides can now take the visitors to the beautiful antique park and to the magnificent karst cave. With our volunteer work, the members of the Association not only keep the main tourist attractions in perfect order, but also organize activities to improve the appearance of the town, organize festivals and print postcards and brochures.

Long tradition and new endeavours

The Tourist Association Šempeter has now over 180 members that are devoted to their hometown. We thus continue the path that was started 45 years ago, protecting the archaeological and natural heritage and trying to attract new visitors every year. Of course, the Association continues to keep the town in perfect order and to organize social and cultural events. In our Tourist Information Centre, located in the town centre near the Roman Necropolis, we provide tourist with any piece of information they require. We can also help to organize a day trip or find an accommodation. Finally, in the Centre visitors can choose among a number of souvenirs that will remind them of their stay in Šempeter.