Ložnica Natural Park

The natural park around the Ložnica River is one of the most precious natural environments in the Lower Savinja Valley without any intensive farming activities. Between numerous river bends, there are wet meadows – often flooded – that are a natural habitat of great number of birds and rare insects. The natural park is an excellent destination for those who like to admire diverse flora and fauna in a beautiful natural environment.

Ložnica River

The Ložnica River is 26 kilometres long and flows into the Savinja River. It is one of the few Slovene rivers and streams with a preserved natural course. The river lazily bends in the shade of alder and willow trees, separating the farming land from the wet meadows and giving protection to many animals and plants. Because of the very small impact of human activities on this part of the park, the biodiversity is very high. The wetlands are still covered with mainly oak forest.