Lake Vrbje

The small lake Vrbje is a pleasant destination for a bike trip or a relaxing walk in the countryside. An open-air gallery exhibits its works along the path to the lake and around the lake. There is a 3-kilometer-long Ecology educational trail running around the lake, offering many interesting information boards. There is also a children’s playground by the lake, and the information centre that rents various family games, Nordic walking poles and binoculars for bird watching.

The Lake

South of Žalec, by the Savinja River, there is a strip of protected nature in midst of which there is the Lake Vrbje. It measures just over 13 hectares and is the largest body of water in the Lower Savinja Valley. Carps are bred in the lake, and more than 130 bird species live in the area. On the shores, a whole variety of plants is found, many of them edible or healing.

Vrbje Ecology Educational Trail

The educational trail runs around the lake and is 3 kilometres long. The signs with a head of a crested grebe distinctively mark the course of the trail, whereas interesting information boards present the basic characteristics of the area. The trail leads through the area between the rivers of Savinja and Struga, where some genuine natural habitats were preserved that are very rare or gone in the rest of the valley. The trail leads through flat land and is suitable for all age groups at any time of the year.


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