Šempeter coat of arms

In the Šempeter town centre there is the town’s coat of arms, a mosaic made by primary school students from Šempeter. It has a form of a shield and is divided by two inclined vertical lines that symbolize the ancient Roman road and the modern motorway, pointing to Šempeter’s links to other towns. Green and gold colours dominate the arms, symbolizing the green valley and golden hop. In the centre of the arms there is the Ennius tomb with a motif of Europe’s abduction, which symbolizes passing to a better world.

Making of the Coat of arms

The first drafts were made in 2002 by the 7th grade students of Šempeter’s primary school, mentored by a teacher Angela Pinter. The students selected three main symbols that represented their town. The selection comprised the road connections that linked Šempeter with other towns, hop and the Roman Necropolis. Working on these drafts, a marketing agency Formitas designed of the coat of arms and the flag. For the 2007 town festival, the people of Šempeter decided to have their town centre decorated with a new coat of arms. Since then, an interesting mosaic embellishes Šempeter.