Savinja Lace

Savinja lace is made by the Kocič family in Šempeter. Helena Kocič creates the lace, while her husband Hranislav prepares the motifs. Unique lace, made mostly in Baroque and realistic styles, is geographically protected and registered by the Copyright Agency of Slovenia.

Hops and Necropolis motifs

Lace with mostly asymmetric lines comes in various motifs. Some of them, for example Slovene flowers, birds or butterflies, are general and widespread, while others are unique, most notably hops and the Roman Necropolis. Those unique motifs depict the greatest treasures of the Lower Savinja Valley and make the Savinja lace special.

Helena and Hranislav

The lace maker, Mrs Helena Kocič, has always fancied knitting, crocheting and lace making. An economist by profession, she devoted completely to her hobbies after she had retired. She makes different styles of lace, but predominately Savinja traditional lace. Her husband, Hranislav Kocič, is also an economist, but has always liked to paint, sculpture, engrave and garden. Besides all of that, Hranislav also prepares the ideas and motifs that his wife incorporates into the Savinja lace.


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