Vindonius family tomb

(Roman Necropolis)

The Vindonius tomb is one of the oldest tombs in Šempeter. The front side inscription reveals that Gaius Vindonius Successus, the aedile of Klaudia Celeia, had the tomb set up for himself and his devoted wife Julia, who was 50 years old when she died. During his life, Gaius Vindonius was an aedile, responsible for public buildings in Celeia.

On a simple pedestal there is an ash container in which ashes of the deceased and some other items were placed. The relief on tomb’s front side depicts a scene where Hercules leads Alcestis back from the underworld. There is also a tablet with letters D M (dis ma nimbus) which means to divine manes, souls of the dead. The upper part of the tomb narrows into an upright square stone with reliefs of a male and a female servant.

Interactive panoramic image of the Roman Necropolis