Secundinus family tomb

(Roman Necropolis)

The chapel-formed tomb of the Secundinus family is one of the youngest monuments in Šempeter. Its form and modest decoration distinguish this tomb from other crypts. The construction of the tomb was commissioned by Gaius Spectacius Secundinus for himself, his wife Tutoria Avita, his sons Spectacius Cervius, his nephew Rusticius Tutorius and grand-nephew Rusticius Albinus. The names suggest that the tomb dates back to the late Severan dynasty (the reign of Alexander Severus) or to the years of the first military emperors (first half of the 3rd century AD).

The portraits above the inscription used to show Gaius, her wife and their 12-year old nephew. However, only the left side of the portrait remained intact and the image of the man is only partly preserved. Different kind and position of inscriptions prove that some family members’ names were inscribed later.

In the middle part of the left pilaster there is engraved an ascia (axe) symbolizing the grave digging ritual and also protecting the grave from burying strange persons into it.

Interactive panoramic image of the Roman Necropolis