Rojnik Farm

The farm “Rojnik” has been into hop growing for more than 100 years. More than a half of their farmland, 32 hectares, is covered by hop gardens. The farm grows mostly hops of the aurora sort, but also celeia and bobek sorts. The farm is specialized for growing hops and has the most up-to-date farming equipment for the task.

Modern equipment

The farm “Rojnik” has the most up-to-date picking machine, oast house and packaging line in this part of Europe. Since hops have to be certified, the farm opened its own certifying centre a few years ago. The farm has all the machinery needed to cultivate hop gardens. A complicated irrigation and fertilizing system has been developed, allowing for controlled and accurate application.

Who is working the land?

At present, the farm is run by Mr. Alojz and his wife Marta, who won the “Young Countrywoman 2007” pageant, and their three children Luka, Teja and Hana. The farm employs two people, a tractor driver and a maid, and gives work to many seasonal workers. Grandfather Franc, a born hop grower, helps with experience and advice.

Visitors welcome

The farm plans to expand its activities with agritourism. But you are welcome to visit anytime and see for yourself how a hop growing farm works.


Spodnje Grušovlje 2
Šempeter v Savinjski dolini

+386 41 892 592


Working hours:
by arrangement